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“I was born and raised here in the South End. This is my home – this is my family’s home. I’m excited for this next step, to team up with the great people of District 14, and work on the Metro Council to break through barriers and chart a positive new direction for our community.

I’ve helped people recover from addiction and guided them as they start a better life. My work in addiction treatment is a big part of why I’m running. I have a clear understanding of the problems we face and have the unique experience working alongside our local leaders as we have worked to address topics such as homelessness, job training, education, and rebuilding people’s lives.

I’m personally invested in the future growth of our community. I humbly ask for your support as I fight for economic opportunity and public safety in our neighborhoods.

Please join me on this journey toward becoming a Stronger South End!”

– Crystal Ann Barajas for Louisville Metro Council District 14

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Meet Crystal Ann Barajas

Crystal Ann Barajas is a fierce champion for our South End community. She grew up right here in Pleasure Ridge Park and has spent most of her adult life in Valley Station.

As a child, Crystal Ann Barajas was an avid soccer player. She attended Pleasure Ridge Park High School and could often be found after school at Sun Valley Park, playing for the Southwest Youth Soccer League. Both of Crystal Ann’s boys, Christian and Caleb, play in the league today. Crystal Ann continues to coach their soccer teams at Notre Dame Academy (through the Catholic School Athletic Association and their “Littles” sports program).

Crystal Ann Barajas is currently a Community Outreach Manager at BrightView Louisville, where she works with community partners to share better resources. She has firsthand experience working with local leaders, as well as our most vulnerable. Crystal Ann is determined to funnel more resources our way and fight for our way of life.

A servant leader, Crystal Ann Barajas knows how to get things done at the local level. Crystal Ann believes our families deserve leaders who can break through regulatory barriers (and she has her own track record of doing just that).

“Barrier Breaker” of the Year Award: Nominated by Seeds of New Leaf (2023).[KS5] 

Crystal Ann Barajas is ready to focus Louisville’s Metro Council on becoming a better resource for the whole community. She has worked with all types of public and private organizations involved in South End of Louisville, including:

The Brook Hospitals, Clean Slate, Department of Codes & Regulations, Exodus Family Ministries, Isaiah House Treatment Center, KIPDA, LMPD, Landmark Recovery, Louisville Parks & Rec, PRP Fire Department, Seeds of New Leaf, Southend Street Angels, Southwest Community Ministries, UofL Health – UofL Hospital & UofL Health Mary & Elizabeth Hospital

Crystal Ann Barajas recently joined the board of People Advocating Recovery. She also served on the Kentuckiana Stroke Association board (2019 to 2023).

Crystal Ann Barajas and her family attend St. Lawrence Catholic Church in Shively. When they aren’t playing soccer at Southwest Youth Soccer League or Notre Dame Academy, Crystal Ann and her boys enjoy watching sports, having family game nights, and spending time together outdoors. Crystal’s immediate family also remains in the South End of town.

The Issues
Fighting for Southwest Louisville

Economic Growth

Over the past few years, my work has helped me understand the problems our community faces. I know that it is past time to stimulate economic growth in the South End. This is why I am running for Metro Council – to build genuine connections and collaborate with our community partners. In my experience, sharing resources and opportunities will shape a brighter future for our children and grandchildren.

Educational Needs

Our school’s needs are always changing, but some things remain constant like purchasing school supplies and getting much-needed resources to teachers.  I will work tirelessly to fix the current shortages in crossing guards and I will work hard to be a partner in making Metro and JCPS partners in growing our next generation into the future leaders of our community.

Public Safety Wait Times

We need to invest even more into the recruitment and support of our police. We must begin work on the construction of a new training facility and we must support our officers and let the dedicated people protecting our community know that we support them.

Until these changes are made, we will continue to have unacceptable wait times for police in our district. Our officers work hard to respond to each emergency in a timely manner, but we remain understaffed. This is forcing our police to triage each service run throughout their shifts. That is no easy task when the 3rd Division alone covers 82 square miles!

We need to show our men and women in blue some love and acknowledge the government’s role in easing this community burden. The metro council has the power to invest in our police departments and advocate to the Chief & Mayor to gain more coverage in our district.

LMPD Police Support

Through the years, I’ve gotten to know many LMPD officers. They are wonderful people and put their lives on the line to keep our neighborhoods safe. There has been a lot of negative attention on Louisville, which makes it really easy to forget the sacrifice, teamwork, dedication, bravery, and passion that our officers display. I’ve been fortunate to step into their world, so I can experience what they go through during a 12+ hour shift. Big thanks to our local heroes. Stay Safe and know that I and the people of Southern Jefferson County support you and your work.

Addiction Recovery Is Possible

I’ve been lucky to work for BrightView the past few years. BrightView is an addiction treatment center that has helped 1,571 individuals (in the past 3 years) who are ready to recover and thrive. I have seen proper treatment and recovery save lives. This system CAN work, especially with the help of community and business.

Recovery is hard for everyone. But there are proven treatment methods at our fingertips, like outpatient support groups. Remove the harsh stigmas tied to drug users and focus instead on real solutions to this crisis.

NARCAN SAVES. Here’s How You Can Help…

–       Recognize signs and symptoms of overdose and how to reverse it.

–       Carry Narcan.

–       Reduce stigma around addiction in your community.


Louisville has a severe lack of emergency shelter beds. This means that many people have no option but to sleep outside. Tents provide temporary shelter until housing can be obtained, but we need more solutions to address the needs of our diverse populations.

Mental Health Resources

We must work to increase access to mental health professionals for minority groups. There are many barriers in place that prevent minorities from access to mental health care. Through the high cost of insurance, the low perceived need, discrimination, structural barriers, and concerns over effectiveness – there are many ways that we can ease the burden of labor placed on our most vulnerable.

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